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Jinko Eagle PERC 60M Mono Series

A highly efficient, visually pleasing monocrystalline panel from a Tier 1 manufacturer at an affordable price, the Jinko Eagle PERC ticks all the boxes.

Jinko Eagle PERC features

  • Smart and beautiful

    The Jinko Eagle PERC’s 5 busbar solar cell design increases its efficiency while improving its look, making it the ideal rooftop solution.

  • Highly efficient

    The Eagle PERC 60 module features a higher conversion efficiency (up to 19.24%) thanks to its Passivated Emmiter Rear Contact (PERC) technology.

  • Resistant to PID

    Its excellent anti-PID (potential induced degradation) technology guarantees the Jinko Eagle PERC limited power degradation under extremely strict testing condition (85℃/85%RH, 96 hours) for maximum power generation.

  • Performant in low light

    The Eagle PERC panel’s advanced glass and textured cell surface provide it with superior low-light performance.

  • Resilient to severe weather

    The Jinko Eagle PERC is certified to resist high wind (2400 Pa) and snow (5400 Pa) loads.

  • Sustainable in extreme conditions

    Certified by TUV NORD to resist high salt mist and ammonia, the Jinko Eagle PERC is the ideal panel in coastal environments.


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