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Q CELLS has recently released the Q.POWER-G5, a new polycrystalline solar panel offering increased power output, greater reliability and high-level operational safety. Thanks to its 6-busbar technology, this 60-cell high-performance module generates more energy per surface area, ensuring lower-cost power production and higher earnings. In addition, it features a hard wearing ammonia-resistant junction box and robust connectors for maximum safety.

Top 3 benefits

  • Improved yield

    Thanks to its 6-busbar cells, the Q CELLS Q.POWER panel produces more energy.

  • Higher efficiency

    The increased power production of the Q.POWER results in a lower Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE).

  • Greater resistance

    The Q CELLS Q.POWER has been tested to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions.


The Q.POWER’s optimised aluminium alloy 35mm high-tech frame and certified protection in harsh environments allow it to resist and remain efficient in all weather conditions:

  • Low light
  • Extreme temperatures
  • High snow (5400Pa) and wind (4000Pa) loads
  • Coastal settings
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