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    SolarEdge HD-Wave

    Solaredge takes Inverter technology to the next level, by combining the best of features of String Inverters and Micro Inverters. Solaredge is described as an Optimised system. The DC/AC Conversion is done within the inverter just like normal string inverters, however, Solaredge improves system performance by placing an “Optimiser” under each panel which performs the MPPT function. A normal string inverter typically has 2 MPPT’s, Solaredge gives you as many MPPT’s as you have Panels. The result is a very flexible system that is highly efficient and shade tolerant by enabling each panel to perform to the best of its own ability.

    The SolarEdge HD-Wave has won the 2016 Intersolar award thanks to its new power conversion technology. Available in sizes ranging from 2.5kW to 10kW, this single-phase inverter is the smallest in the world.

    • Convenience

      The HD-Wave’s small size and light weight (<11.4kg) make it easy to fit in tight spaces. Moreover, it can be installed inside or outside your home. With a very well designed mobile app, once your Solaredge inverter is setup, you rarely need to even look at it again.

    • Performance

      The SolarEdge HD-Wave has a record-breaking efficiency of 99%, which means it creates less heat and generates more energy, for a better return on investment.

    • Technology

      While traditional inverters use electrolytic capacitors, the HD-Wave possesses thin-film capacitors, making it more reliable. In addition, it features an integrated DC Safety Unit, eliminating the need for external DC isolators.

    • Smarts

      SolarEdge HD-Wave inverters can be fitted with an optional Wi-Fi card and  smart meter with ±0.5% accuracy. Designed to work with power optimizers, they allow you to monitor, not only your power production at the panel level, but also your power consumed and power exported.

    • Compatibility

      SolarEdge’s HD-Wave is compatible with the StorEdge Interface for Smart Energy Management StorEdge applications.

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