What’s a Solar Air Conditioner?

Hybrid solar air conditioners are designed to run on DC current direct from solar panels during the day and can use AC current from the grid when you need to at night.

They can also operate independently of the AC Grid (off-grid) turning on when there is sufficient solar power and back off when there is no longer enough power from the sun. No solar grid connection for installation, no Ergon authority required.

What are the advantages of Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners?

  • Can run 100% off-grid, or can connect when needed
  • Eco-friendly and economical
  • Wide operating temperature range (-10°C to 58°C)
  • AC Power Limiter
  • Anti-Corrosion technology
  • Wifi Control
solar air conditrioner split system

Split system hybrid solar air conditioners

These can be installed pretty much anywhere you’d install a normal split system air conditioner.