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    We often get asked: “what are the best solar panels?”

    That’s the wrong question. A better question is,
    “What are the best solar panels for me?”

    There’s no one answer

    When choosing the solar panels we supply, we take into account a number of criteria, including their aesthetics, performance and warranty terms.

    Climate is also a big factor. If you live near the coast, resistance to salt is an important factor. If you’re inland a bit, not so much.

    Are they built to last?

    Australia is a massive country where different climates coexist, from high heat in the west and centre to lower temperatures in the south-east, and wind & cyclones in the north. This is why solar panels sold down under should be versatile. LG have recently released a 25 year warranty on their NeON 2 range, demonstrating the confidence of their products while Q CELLS has its modules tested by the Cyclone Testing Station at James Cook University to conform to Australian requirements. They undergo Damp Heat tests, EL testing, hot spot testing, as well as triple yield security process, which checks Potential Induced Degradation (PID) and scans for Hot Spots. Jinko Solar has gone even further and created a PID-free panel, reliable under extreme conditions and with a better output at lower light. The brand has received the Q+ certification, which is higher than the industry standard of IEC 61215.

    Where are they from?

    Finally, we take an interest in the country in which they were designed and built, and in whether or not they have a presence in Australia. We ensure the products we offer are manufactured in line with international quality and safety standards. We also select brands with offices in Australia, so that Aussie customers can get after-sales support, should they need it. While Q-CELLS panels are engineered in Germany and manufactured in South Korea and Malaysia, SunPower ones are conceived in the USA and produced in Malaysia. Jinko Solar PV modules are made in China and have offices in Australia.

    SunPower E20

    SunPower is the best panel available in Australia. It’s hard to truly compare it to many of the other panels out there, 

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    LG NeON R Solar Panel

    The LG NeON R is ideal for people planning to expand their solar power system, or add battery storage or electric car 

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    LG NeON 2 Solar Panel

    An award-winning module by a world-class brand with cutting-edge cell technology and enviable looks, the LG NeON 2 is the panel of 

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    The Q.PEAK DUO-G5 embeds Q CELLS’ latest innovative technology, Q.ANTUM DUO, which allows more power generation per square meter. This was achieved 

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    Q CELLS Q.PEAK G4.1 Series

    The Q.PEAK-G4.1 is a premium tier-one, monocrystalline panel. It’s perfect for people seeking a high-end panel from one of the world’s most 

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    Q CELLS has recently released the Q.POWER-G5, a new polycrystalline solar panel offering increased power output, greater reliability and high-level operational safety. 

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    Jinko Cheetah PERC 60M Mono Series

    A highly efficient, visually pleasing monocrystalline panel from a Tier 1 manufacturer at an affordable price, the Jinko Cheetah PERC is the 

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    Jinko Eagle PERC 60M Mono Series

    A highly efficient, visually pleasing monocrystalline panel from a Tier 1 manufacturer at an affordable price, the Jinko Eagle PERC ticks all 

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    Jinko Eagle Poly-Crystalline 60P

    The Jinko Eagle Series is the first PID-free module in the world. It can be used for all applications; however, it’s especially 

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