Why choose solar panels and power for your home or business?

Solar is a clean, green source of renewable energy. It is also one of the cheapest sources of electricity available. Reduce your carbon emission and cut electricity costs by installing solar.

How does solar power work?

Solar energy comes from the sun. When the sun shines on a solar module the solar cells generate DC electricity. 

How do I know which is the best solar power system for me?

There are three main types of systems: Grid Connected Solar, Off-Grid Solar and Hybrid Solar Systems. Choosing the best system will depend on the size of the system, your location and the purpose behind installing solar power. We can assist with helping you determine the best fit for your home or business.

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solar power

What is a Grid Solar Power System?

When the sun shines onto the solar module, the cells generate direct current electricity. In a grid system, an inverter connected into the grid, converts the DC electricity to 240V AC electricity. This can then be used to power your home or office. These systems are installed to certain specifications and safety requirements before they can be approved by the electrical authorities.

What is an Off-Grid Solar Power System?

This is a stand-alone system that does not require you to be connected to the electrical grid. These are often installed in areas where it is too expensive or too remote to be connected to mains power. These systems rely on deep cycle battery banks for storing the electricity generated for use as it is needed.

solar power
solar power

What is a Hybrid Solar Power System?

A hybrid system allows for the use of batteries to store excess current. This allows you to use solar power when connected into the grid and while the grid is active but stores the excess to use at night or when the grid is off. 

What solar power system should I choose?

Going off-grid is very appealing to people but it is often not the most economical. For most people, a grid system will be the cheapest option. A hybrid solar system is a good compromise that gives you some independence but with the backup of the grid as and when you need it.
If you are more than 500m from the grid, an off-grid system may prove to be more practical and the best option financially.

How many solar panels do I need?

Many people ask how many panels they need – but this is the wrong question! Panels are getting larger and more efficient so the number of panels you need this year is less than a few years ago to get the same output. And of course, the number you’ll need in a year’s time will be less than now!