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Case Study: Heron Island Solar Diesel Hybrid

An innovative solar solution for challenging sites. At a glance: Challenges Limited Installation space for PV Panels Strict Flora Control…


Welcome to our testimonials page. We are very proud to display the feedback we get from our valued customers. Regardless of whether you are purchasing a budget system or a premium system or even if you are coming to us for help with a system installed by someone else, you will always get the very best service from Climatecare Electrical & Solar.

All of our testimonials are genuine and unsolicited.

“I’m fortunate to regularly meet many solar professionals across Australia. I’d classify Andrew as one of the few real experts in solar and a true asset to our industry.”

Gavin Merchant, National Manager, SolarEdge.

Dear Andrew and Sue,

It was such a pleasure to work with you and your company to have this system installed for us.

Back in 2013 we’d had several solar quotations provided to us in person and our first contact with Andrew was back then, pre ClimateCare Electrical & Solar days.

We were so impressed with Andrew’s genuine interest,  thoroughness and approach to our situation and needs that despite not going ahead at the time as solar was still just too expensive for us, and despite Andrew’s best efforts at shaving expenses, we knew that we would come back to him when we were ready.

Fast forward to 2019 and we could not have been more impressed with ClimateCare Electrical & Solar.

Sue and Dee in the office kept us well informed of processes, progress and adjustments to our requirements and were very efficient and capable in ensuring that any alterations to schedules, dates and other details by us were easily realigned to suit our needs.  No question we put to them was too difficult.

Their installation team, Ethan Will and Daryl, were everything you should be able to expect.  Punctual, courteous, diligent, happy, friendly and informative. Quite simply three nice blokes to have working around your place. A welcome experience compared with some of the stories you hear about some other companies.

We were really pleased with their attention to detail and clean-up of the site at completion.

Our 5.9kW, 18 panels and 6.5kWh battery system, installed in less than 2 full days to our complete satisfaction with a comprehensive rundown by Ethan as to monitoring and anything else we wanted to know.

We thoroughly recommend Climate Care Electrical and Solar to anyone looking to support a local business that will provide you with a quality, professional service.

We quite simply knew from our first contact with Andrew back in 2013 that he was the way to go.

After 28 full days of operation we have gone from an annual pre-solar purchase of 14.53 kWh per day to 1.73kWh daily (and reducing) from Ergon.

Thank you ClimateCare.

Mel & Branton Hibbett, Nankin

Hi Andrew,

So to keep you up to date with the Fronius Primo 5.2 kw system I had installed (with another company who is no longer around.) Upon your advice, my electrician Bruce has upgraded the supply from the house to the shed with 16mm cable, we also upgraded the feed from the inverter to 10mm cable and changing the 240 AC isolation switch to a 40 amp Isolation switch and removing the 20 amp circuit breaker and replacing it with a 32 amp circuit breaker. It seems to be working fine and we are seeing it working at 100% for the first time in two and half years. I wish to thank you for your help in making this possible, very much appreciated.

Big thanks Andrew

Barry Bowles – Turkey Beach

Hi Everyone,

Myself and my wife Jaime would like to thank you and company for all you help and great work.

Firstly Ethan and Will.

Punctual, well presented and happy. Great start.

Completed Jsa. straight away, after quick walk around of site. Ethan explained his plan of attack, to myself and Will while the wife went to work. I explained where the toilet was and they were welcome to use the house as they needed. I set about chasing our local Bush turkey around the yard, (Ask the boys) after the entertainment. I left the boys to get to work while i went about my own jobs, going to the dump 3 times Kmart and Bunnings.

I found Ethan to be a great teacher for Will. His ability to read Will, and explain what is required but still allow input from Will was brilliant. Both have great work habits and are welcome to come back to do work anytime.

Secondly Solar.    WOW, just WOW.

Since replacement we have never exported so much power. Our last power bill came in only a few days before replacement our daily export was 1.89 kws per day. We are now exporting 6.0 kws per day. I understand the new fridge will help about 2kws per day, so to make things fair i did a 6 year review our solar export per day. It was 2.42kws! so almost a 150% increase is amazing.

Thirdly Sue, the lady behind the scenes. Efficient, kind and helpful.

Thank you Sue for all your help, the easiest warranty claim ever. Also the most patient person when someone is asking stupid questions, and so understand that when things happen in life like a (New refrigerator) sometimes a customer can’t do everything they had hoped to complete straight away. Just by your genuine concern to our situation, means that when we have the money we will be calling you to arrange a new hot water system.

Grant and Jaime Bennett. (Not the Bush turkey!) Sun Valley

A big thanks to yourself and the guys for all your help. It’s nice to know excellent customer service still exists. It was easy and pleasurable to do business with you guys and the assistance and advice was appreciated. Thank you!

PS – New system is are working well. Love the Aroura Vision app. With the new east/west config we still made 20kw yesterday (even with a that bit of cloud in the afternoon) which is no different for this time of year to when we had the north facing string. Good call Ethan on the suggestion to move those panels plus the house looks way neater where they are. 2 thumbs up! Many thanks again.

Chris and Sherri Grieves

Dear Andrew & Sue,

We are almost a year into our new Solar Power experience and have experienced the Sunny months with long days and the not so sunny months with shorter days. Having had Solar Power at our previous address we were au fait with Solar Power and we had solar hot water as well.

We, due to an excellent experience with this marvellous couple and their team in previous years, of course, commissioned Climate Care to advise us and install our system at our new home. We admit to being a bit cynical when informed, by Sue, about the Catch Power thingy that when combined with our solar system negated the need for an Solar Hot Water installation on the roof. However, we trusted her advice and added Catchpower to our Solar installation! What a Great Result the Solar/Catchpower combination has turned out to be! In the coldest months of the year we have had constant hot water, reverse cycle A/C going in the evenings, (we don’t have batteries) and our quarterly power bill was $65:00 . Our charge for hot water, the only thing on cheap rate power was Zero, Zilch nothing at all. During the summer months we had a power bill where Ergon owed us money WOW! unheard of.

So thanks Andrew and Sue for great advice and professional service which has amounted to a great result, that is better that I we had anticipated.

John and Doris Smith – Yeppoon

We had a 2.28kW Solar System installed at our residence by Climatecare Electrical. We wish to express our extreme satisfaction with not only the courtesy, advice and efficiency of management, but also the professional manner of their employees. The installers were polite, proficient and worked very well together. We would recommend Climatecare Electrical to anyone needing a Solar System.

T&K Card – Zilzie

Please accept my sincere thanks and compliments on the excellent high standards of Climate Care and all representatives. Recent events have clearly demonstrated your Company ethos of quality and  dependability.

It has been a pleasure working with you and every member of the Climatecare Team. The respect, professional caring and the way we were kept fully informed throughout the process is a welcome breath of fresh air in a long and often frustrating building process. Thank you. Love your work.

Carol Mazur – Emu Park

Our experience with Climate Care was amazing! Right from the first consultation we were confident we were with the right company. Once we made the decision to go with Climate Care we didn’t really have to think much more about it, they took care of everything. Installation was a breeze and they were very friendly and courteous. Staff explained how we could track and monitor our electricity input and output on our computer and made sure we understood it all. Our electricity bill has majorly reduced and we have had no problems with the system. This was hands down one of the easiest and best decisions we have made for our household. Climatecare are by far a wonderful and reliable company to deal with.

Toni Crane

“I’ve been really impressed with the service from you guys. Andrew came to the house very quickly when needed and Ethan and David were great. Ethan kept me informed as to how they were going every step if the way. It was terrific.”

Stacey Hogan

Andrew helped us on our journey of being totally off-grid and energy self sufficient. He is an expert in solar and brings a wealth of information and knowledge to his clients.

Andrew is a valuable asset to his company and has gone above and beyond to assist us in attaining our dream. He is genuine, helpful, understanding and down to earth and has custom designed a system to meet our requirements that we are more than happy with! We had a 100% positive experience with Andrew and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in solar.

Lindsay & Haylee Allison, Farnborough