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    The inverter is the heart of your solar power system. It’s primary functions are to convert the DC power from the panels into AC power for your home and to select the most productive operating voltage for the panels. Inverters come in a wide range of types, quality and sizes. The most common types of inverters are string inverters, which are mounted on your wall and connect to all the panels in your system. Another popular type is micro inverters, which are small inverters that sit under each panel. These inverters manage each panel individually, resulting in better yields, particularly on challenging roofs or systems subject to shading. Better quality inverters are available, and they come with longer warranties, better features, generate more power and are far more reliable. Better inverter manufacturers are also starting to introduce different connectivity options, online management portals, external devices (like consumption monitoring) and are now starting to include battery connectivity (Hybrid inverters). Solargain has one of Australia’s largest selections of inverters and can recommend the perfect option for your solar project.

    Sungrow SH5K-30 Hybrid

    Flexible Application • Convenient for new installation and retrofit • Compatible with both lithium-ion and lead- acid batteries • Energy trading ready 

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    Sungrow SG3K-D/SG4K-D/SG5K-D/SG6K-D

    The very reliable and affordable Grid Connect series from Sungrow. Even though Sungrow is the most affordable inverter in our lineup, it 

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    ABB UNO 3 / 5 Solar Inverter

    The Optimal Solution for Residential Installations. The new UNO-DM-PLUS singlephase inverter family has power ratings from 3.3 to 5.0 kW. Its design wraps 

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    Fronius Primo

    The Primo is one of the latest additions in the SnapINverter range. It boasts all the features of the range, including a 

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    Fronius Symo

    The Symo is the three-phase inverter in the SnapINverter range. It has a large class range of 3kW to 20kW, making it 

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    Fronius Symo Hybrid

    The Symo Hybrid is one of the first high-voltage, hybrid inverters on the market. Hybrid inverters enable people to connect batteries to 

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    Fronius Galvo

    The Fronius Galvo is the smallest inverter in the SnapINverter range. It comes in 1.5kW to 3.0kW models, making it one of 

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    SMA Sunny Boy 3.0 – 5.0

    The Sunny Boy 3.0 – 5.0 range of inverters succeeds SMA’s international best-seller, the Sunny Boy 3000 – 5000TL. The new model 

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    SMA Sunny Tripower

    The Sunny Tripower is the three phase inverter in the SMA range. Designed to fit the needs of the new residential market, 

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    SolarEdge HD-Wave

    Solaredge takes Inverter technology to the next level, by combining the best of features of String Inverters and Micro Inverters. Solaredge is 

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    SolarEdge StorEdge

    SolarEdge StorEdge Storedge is SolarEdge’s Battery Inverter.  When you combine the Solaredge Optimized solar system with battery storage, you have the best 

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    Huawei FusionHome Smart Energy Solution Designed with style and functionality in mind, the Huawei FusionHome Smart Energy Solution offers the latest technology 

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