Solar Hot Water Systems

Solargain ‘Roof Mount’ Solar Hot Water system

Solargain’s roof mount solar hot water heaters are traditional close-coupled thermosiphon systems, combining roof mounted solar collectors and storage tanks, which are ideal for applications that are short of available ground space. Roof mount systems are highly efficient and use natural thermal convection to circulate hot water from the collectors to the tank without the need for electric pumps. In this system, mains water flows into the storage tank and the solar collector, to be heated by the sun. As it travels through the advanced, high performance collector plate, the water absorbs the available solar energy and returns to the storage tank for later use.

Solargain’s roof mount systems utilise 1 or 2 panel configurations depending on hot water requirements:
Single panel suited for small to medium hot water demand. The ideal size for areas exposed to high solar contribution or low hot water demand. Greater flexibility with tight roof spaces as collector can be mounted horizontal or landscape.

Double panel suited for medium to high hot water demand. With 4.0m2 of collector absorption area, the Solargain double panel roof mount system can produce up to 80% of the average Australian household hot water usage. The double panel system attracts some of the highest government incentives on the market.