A Solar Guerrilla is a term applied to a person who connects a small-scale solar power generation to feed their excess production of electricity back into the public electricity grid “ERGON ENERGY’ without approval.

At a recent seminar, a speaker from Ausgrid, showed a slide where by a number of homes that were connected to the grid without approval. Which got me thinking, how many are there in Rockhampton region, given that Ergon has now made the approval process more complex, requirements for Power Factor to be lagging, restricting capacity, and now charging $300 Plus to install a Smart Meter, and above all this only paying a lousy 0.06 cents feed in tariff. This begs the question why bother.

There is product on the market that is all but plug and play, and savvy consumer,s are possibly already doing this in increasing numbers.

Now, lets not get a head of ourselves here, Electricity is a great energy source, and Solar Grid Tied electricity is the same as grid power, its not extra low voltage and it can kill, and only qualified competent personal should even work on your home electricity installation.

The Grid Network managed by Ergon, has also got to managed to ensure the quality of the electricity provided and that includes the voltage at which it is provided at. So to those contemplating being a Solar Guerrilla, I ask that you think again.

Now, Ergon or should I say our state Government being the owner of this monopoly, stop pushing back against Solar, be more flexible, reduce charges, increase system capacity continue to work towards a renewable network, because the Guerrilla will come, if he is not already here.