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A Dozen EV Chargers

With fuel prices on the rise, don’t be last to jump on the EV Charger bandwagon!! This is our 12th EV Charger installation, with an untethered cable so you can bring it with you anywhere! Not only do they prolong your vehicles battery life by providing consistent charging…they’re also better for the planet! If you …

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Solar Panels On House Under Construction

Keeping it simple: How Does A Grid-Connected Solar System Work?

Grid-connected solar systems are suitable for use by any premises connected to the power grid. How do they work? Tips to make the most of your solar panels: Like to know more? As an accredited Clean Energy Council designer and installer we recommend handbooks and reference information for those of you interested in the nitti-gritti …

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power outlet with 220 volt cable sparkles with electric sparks

Rise of the Solar Guerrilla.

A Solar Guerrilla is a term applied to a person who connects a small-scale solar power generation to feed their excess production of electricity back into the public electricity grid “ERGON ENERGY’ without approval. At a recent seminar, a speaker from Ausgrid, showed a slide where by a number of homes that were connected to …

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